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$88 Battery
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Description--Vehicle Battery, Remanufactured 2nd gen. Feature-- negative paste resists flaking to improve overall performance and increase life, Feature--Both stud and post terminal offerings available, Feature--Calcium Alloy increases cycle life, improves performance, and reduces water consumption, Feature--Durable envelope separator that improves acid circulation and resist punctures, extending battery life, Feature--Permanently sealed cover protects against leaks and provides maintenance free performance without having to add water, Feature--


When temps drop below 21 degrees, generally any car’s starting cadence will slow down. Get below 0 and it gets even slower. If you notice this behavior suddenly and the temperature hasn’t dropped – a slow, dragging start suddenly begin, get your battery tested as soon as possible and don’t ignore it. Eventually, the car will not start.
If a slow starting battery seems to be able to take a charge and test fine, it’s likely that a parasitic drain, or draw is discharging the battery while the vehicle sits, and the electrical system will need to be looked at.


Your lights work, the radio works, but you get a click or buzz once you hit the key. Or, your headlights are very dim. The purpose of the battery is to crank the engine by providing a full dose of high-amperage power to the starter. When the battery is low, it cannot deliver that power but often can still supply enough power for lights or accessories, that don’t require as much amperage.
Keep in mind,
jump-starting the car in these situations should only be done in an emergency. Get the battery tested as soon as possible, and do not rely on the alternator to charge the battery back up!


Your radio doesn’t turn on. Don’t mistake it for a minor inconvenience. When the ignition is in the ON position, the battery will run the radio, windshield wipers, and headlights, among other electronic devices. If these flicker or dim before starting, your battery charge is weak.


The battery is fat, or swollen. The manufacturer designs your battery to have a specific footprint, and if the battery swells in size, you should be able to see it. If you have a bloated battery, the alternator has a faulty voltage regulator and has over charged the battery. This over charging of the battery is caused by a buildup of hydrogen gases faster than the battery can dissipate. Damage to the battery has already been done and cannot be reversed.


If the battery smells – This is a warning sign that your battery is ready to fail, if it hasn’t already. Usually, a battery has no smell, by design. If you smell rotten eggs, this means that your battery has vented gas. It has also released sulfuric acid that could harm other parts of your engine. So this smell is potentially the costliest problem listed here if you aren’t proactive in fixing it. AutoZone recommends replacing the battery quickly.


Your battery is old. The average life span of a car battery is typically between four to six years. At around the four-year mark, you should pay more attention to it. Have a technician check to see how much charge it has. AutoZone provides this service for free.


The check engine light flashes or stays on constantly. Generally, this light identifies serious problems in your engine that will require costly maintenance. But you may get lucky and discover that it’s only your car battery that needs replacement. Visit your local AutoZone store for a free diagnosis.


This is a very strange issue that can indeed happen on certain makes / models of vehicles. The battery will have enough voltage to start the vehicle, but then it immediately dies and will not idle. If you encounter this issue, there are a multitude of things that could be wrong, but doing a simple battery check is the first and easiest place to start. The basis behind this is when a battery fails, it can cause interruptions to the constant signals it sends to the ECU. Then if the battery can muster enough might to start the car, the sensors controlling engine idle, speed, and fueling have already lost signal, and the car immediately dies.

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Detroit Battery Just $88

Did you know that 99% of the material of a new battery is recycled material from junk batteries. The only new item in a new battery is the negative and positive battery plates. The life span of a new battery is the same as reconditioned battery 1 to 3 years. It depends on many factors temp, weather and everyday usage. The number one factor any battery goes dead is a bad cell in the negative or positive channels.
Reconditioned Batteries-Many car owners prefer to use reconditioned car batteries over new ones because they are much less expensive.  In most cases, the cost of buying a reconditioned battery is almost half compared to what would be incurred when getting a brand new one. Life span is 1 to 3 yrs.
A reconditioned battery requires only a number of repairs and does not require all the cost involved when building a new one. Due to this, the selling price of a reconditioned battery is significantly less than that of a brand new one.