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Need a Battery in Detroit area,? Does your car, SUV, van, truck, need a battery replacement service or just a jump start?We can do that, or We can deliver a Battery

Brake Tech will, replace and install a battery, regardless of the type of vehicle you have now, later, 24-7. From domestic to foreign vehicles, we are local, near you and always ready to go. Give our team a call at 313-703-8800 now, later, 24-7, for the best battery resolution money can buy,

Onsite Detroit Battery Replacement, Battery Installation & Delivery,
Onsite battery replacement is one of our many specialties that we offer. Our on-site battery delivery and installation service provides a great value to those in need. Your battery resolution is just a phone call away. Brake Tech is all about trying to make your life easier, by delivering a Detroit Battery to you. If you are stuck in a miserable situation due to a dead battery and you are in a hurry to go somewhere the choice is simple. Don’t panic, give us a call and we will come to your home, work, school, church, local gas station or grocery store with the quickness to help get your car back on track. provides mobile on-site battery replacement throughout Detroit Area. We are available for battery replacement in Warren, Detroit, Roseville, Harper Woods, Grosse Pointe,St. Clair Shores, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Farmington, Troy. Whenever you are in need of a mobile battery replacement aka on-site battery replacement, we are the quality service provider that you’ve or heard so much about. When it comes to battery delivery at your location we are hands down the #1, ethical, cost effective choice.
Our highly trained battery experts at Brake Tech, with Detroit Battery have, knowledge and expertise to get your battery service needs handled ASAP. From domestic to foreign vehicles we have you covered with a variety of services like battery testing, jump start service, fast battery delivery for your problematic car battery, on-site battery replacement  
Battery Testing, Battery Jump Start, Battery Replacement,
Does your vehicle need the battery replaced or just a jump start? Sometimes it’s a given aka no battery testing needed. Sometimes you’ll need to have your battery tested in order to determine if it’s in need of replacement. If it’s just a little low your best bet is to jump start it or charge it.
How do you know what the issue it?
  • Is your battery over 4 years old give or take a touch? It is good practice and considered preventative maintenance to change your battery every 4 years or so. Do you like to gamble? Why chance being left stranded in the cold, stuck somewhere far, far, away or potentially late for something extremely important?
  • Does your vehicle’s battery terminals have corrosion all over them? In most cases that is a sign that your battery is past it’s time and ready to be replaced and or the post seals have started leaking hydrogen gas being that is released from the battery acid which then mixes with other things from the atmosphere then in return produces the corrosion are seeing on your battery’s terminals.
  • Is your battery excessively dirty? If so either the service shop your bringing it to doesn’t offer, overlooks offering, or you turned down a battery service. In some cases people service their own vehicle and don’t realize the importance of keeping a battery cleaned and maintained properly. A dirty battery is a sign of an unhealthy battery.
Contact us, we will fly to you like super hero’s ready to save the day and take on the enemy aka weak dead batteries. Worry not my friends, our team has you covered.
The best thing about our mobile/on-site car battery replacement service, we deliver, install & replace batteries at your home, work, school, office, church, all while keeping in mind your budget and will always stay within your budget. We provide economically cost effective to high end battery solutions that you can count on, trust & afford. Some of our batteries Delivery start off as low as $138 with all the gas, tax & fees included! Not to mention or speedy delivery service of on average 90-minutes or less that is due to our large stock of batteries. No matter the make and model, we have you covered ?